The Future(s) of Food

Podcast: An exploration of different pathways for a broken global food system.

Partners: The New School – Leonardo E Figueroa Helland (PhD).
Timeline: April 2022 – May 2022 (2 months).

Approach: podcast, ethnography, systems thinking.
Topics: food systems, climate change, environmental studies.

Team: Jenna Dascoli, Nastazia Kielar, Susan Austin, Paige Kloss and me.
My role: researcher on academia, plant-based products, cultivated meat, and decolonial alternatives.


The world’s current food system is broken. The dominance of industrial agriculture by corporate control and its heavy dependence on fossil fuels, monocultures, fertilizers, and pesticides contributes between 19%-29% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Industrial agriculture is responsible for the acceleration of biodiversity loss, water pollution, land dispossession, the undermining of rural communities, deforestation, soil erosion and has left approximately 2 billion people lacking consistent food access, disproportionately impacting the Global South.

Outcomes and reflections

During this project, we did interviews, attended events, and did a literature review to conduct comparative research on different pathways to the current food system related to advocacy, policy, academia, technoscience, decolonial perspectives, community-based alternatives, and peasant/indigenous movements.

Final podcast:

Projects details

The engagements that we had for this project were with the following institutions and organizations:


  • Clara Earth (Climate Land Ambition Rights Alliance)
  • TNI: Transnational Institute


  • Food Symposyum at Columbia University
  • GFI: Good Food Institute


  • Harlem Grown
  • Asprocig


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